Casino Royale, Dunston Harriers Point-to-Point, Building Buckenham’s Bridges

The Boarders enjoyed an excellent evening at Casino Royale. The children were given twenty chips to place bets on the different tables which were set up including the Roulette Table, Black-jack and some dice games including “Unders and Overs” where they placed bets on the likelihood of getting less than a seven, a seven or more than a seven. The card table was extremely popular as was the Roulette table as there were plenty of big wins! Many of the children dressed up James Bond style and lots of them sported glamorous outfits and smarts suits and sunnies! Cocktails and canapés were served and there was a real buzz in the Old Gym. There were clearly winners and losers but fun was had by all. It was a superb night but most importantly most began to realise that the odds are generally stacked against them and that the casino is usually the biggest winner!
On Sunday we went to Brettenham Church for a 10.00 am service and the pupils, as always, conducted themselves beautifully. Thank you to all of the parents who made it along to this service and it was lovely to see you all there and at the coffee and tea afterwards at OBH.

Accompanied by Julia Campbell and Jo Riddleston, Emma Buckle, Caspar Boyce, Grace Dening-Smitherman, Georgie Jewson and Sam Sporborg made excellent ambassadors for OBH when they represented the school at the Ampton Point to Point on Sunday. The school sponsored the Best Turned Out (BTO) horse for each race, where the groom is awarded a prize. Former pupils Max Kendrick and Charlie Buckle were both competing with Max coming first on Court Red Handed and Charlie came third in two races. And….. one of his horses won the BTO prize!!! The OBH party managed to get to the course in time to see Caspar’s grandfather’s horse, Counting Stars, come second in the Open Maiden Race. All in all a very a good day for OBH!

Mr Drake, Mr Chinnery and Mrs Bolton hosted Building Buckenham’s Bridges, which was a fun afternoon of team games. The pictures tell a wonderful story and the childrens’ navigation skills and building skills were put to the test.  A lovely hot chocolate by the camp-fire finished off a great afternoon.

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