Race Night with Mocktails & Canapes, Adventures in the Wild @ Colchester Zoo

At the weekend the boarders had an evening at the races; bets were placed and ‘racing form’ was discussed and lots of lovely ‘mocktails’ and canapés were served. There were the usual winners and losers, but all agreed it was lots of fun!
The next day was bright and sunny so we started the day at a leisurely pace with a PJ breakfast. Then we were off, two by two to the zoo. The children behaved impeccably and were really curious to see all the different animals, many of which they had not seen before. Henry Bevan’s impression of a wallaby was first class. Barney Anderson found out what it felt like to be in a kangaroo’s pouch, and Ash Rigby learnt how to swing like an Orang-utan! It was a long day but a very enjoyable one. All the staff were very proud of their behaviour and look forward to our next off-site trip.
Chinese New Year
This year we welcome the Year of the Monkey and our Chinese girls, along with the rest of the boarders, celebrated with a fabulous dinner of chicken chow mein and prawn crackers cooked by our amazing chefs!


Pancake Making
During the week the matrons Debbie and Helen helped the children to cook pan-cakes! All of the children loved it and the pictures tell you all you need to know…… who is hiding behind their pancake?

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