The Ambassador’s Ball & Jump Street

Boarders dance and bounce around!
The Ambassador’s Ball and Jump Street!!
The mansion was filled with dignitaries from all ages dressed in their refinery, the balloons were blown and the music began! Photos galore were taken as the guests made their entrances and discussed outfits within the Main Hall. The canapes and cocktails were consumed with ease before the Ambassador treated us to a superb dinner provided by his extremely dedicated chefs, Jane and Michael and their superb team.
The Auction would have put Christies’ to shame and the raffle was great fun as well before all the guests trooped out to the Ballroom to dance or to the Drawing Room to feast on the gluttonous fountains of chocolate and cocktails laid on for the rest of the evening.
Dancing of the less formal variety was performed by the younger guests with YMCA appealing to those who were more used to spelling it out…! The disco then finished and the balloons dropped to the floor from the canopy above with great cheers from the boys and girls.

A fabulous evening was had by all!
Sunday arrived with all the guests feeling a little jaded.  After church at Brettenham the children returned for some down time and play before another fine roast lunch which was consumed with delight. Then it was off to Jump Street for trampolining heaven. The children performed their twists, flips and turns and had a wonderful time before jumping back on the coach and returning to OBH.
Well done to all the children who participated and the Ambassador has said that he was delighted to see different people attending the open boarding weekend.
Next week sees the EGGSTRAVAGANZA taking place where teams will take part in a treasure hunt around the grounds followed by a trip to the ‘Ampton Point-to-Point’ on Sunday after church at 10.00am at Thorpe Morieux.
Thanks to all who participated and worked hard to put these splendid occasions together.
Rob & Jen Miller

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