‘A Night Under the Stars’ & the South Suffolk Show

Tents, sleeping bags and roll mats galore were laid out by the out-door classroom where the fire burnt all night unravelling its warmth to all. There were however a few uninvited guests who conveniently located and introduced themselves during the night and hence were warmly welcomed by shrieks and screams. Before this though the campers enjoyed the smoked salmon and lamb cooked in the pit by Mr Drake. Burgers, sausages and salad, followed by ice cream which all went down a treat. Mr Barrett introduced Danish Long Ball which was played by all and then marsh-mallows were melted on the fire, stoked by Mrs Chapple, to end off a great night. The boys and girls then tucked themselves into their sleeping bags and to one tent’s surprise a ‘tiger’ came scratching at the canvas. The matrons were gladly there to calm them down and reassure them that Colchester Zoo had not lost one of their big cats.

Sunday dawned……
The morning dew reflected off the canvas and the boys and girls busily started to evacuate their tents. Holy Communion at Thorpe Morieux was a wonderful occasion and it was lovely to see the church full with friends and family. Delightful canapés and drinks were served back at school outside the drawing room in beautiful sunshine. Congratulations to all those who were confirmed and we hoped that you enjoyed the rest of your special day with your families.

South Suffolk Show & Bury Rugby
In the afternoon the boarders were either entertained by some thrilling rugby at the Bury 7’s or they were able to enjoy the South Suffolk Show. The children were a pleasure to be with especially as they had to contend with the heat at each venue. It was then time to return for a well-earned roast before taking tents down and relaxing around the grounds before bed. A big thank you must go to all staff who participated during the week-end and also to the children for being such good value.

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