December, 2016:

Giant Crunchie Bar

Giant Crunchie Bar


1x non-stick loaf tin

3 tablespoons of water

1 ½ tea spoons of Bicarbonate of soda

200g of Caster sugar

5 tablespoons of golden syrup

enough chocolate to cover it! (usually 2 x pack of milk chocolate)

1x sugar thermometer



Put the sugar into the pan with the water and syrup.

Bring it to a rolling boil and put the thermometer in. The

mixture needs to get to 150c, then turn the heat off and

remove from the stove

Pour in the bicarbonate of soda and whisk well before pouring into the mould.

Let it set in the fridge until hard.

Melt the chocolate and pour over until covered.

Enjoy….it is yummy!


Masterclass with Emma Croker, current England International Rugby Player

Emma Croker, current England International rugby player and World Cup winner will be speaking to some of the children in the prep school about her life experiences as an International sportswoman and lead a training session.

Baby & Toddler Group

A warm welcome awaits at our friendly baby and toddler group.  Each week there is a different theme and children can play, create and explore.  With lots of colourful and sensory resources for babies, messy play, craft and music there is something for all ages.  Yummy refreshments for children and grown-ups.

Every Tuesday from 10.00am – 11.30am during term time in the nursery at OBH.

£3.00 per session.


OPEN BOARDING WEEKEND: ‘Christmas Calypso Carnival’, Boarders’ Christmas Cracker


The Caribbean Calypso Christmas Carnival was a fantastic open boarding event.  Throughout the evening the children had the opportunity to learn how to play the steel drums, test their core strength on the Rockin’ Reindeer and compete in the limbo challenge. There was also a team challenge to transport as much water from the oasis to the plant with only a coconut and the added complication that they weren’t allowed to use their hands! The children also made some beautiful carnival masks.  The kitchen treated us to some delicious Caribbean fayre and the evening came to a grand finale with hot chocolate and fireworks in Brettenham Park.

The day after the night before!
On Sunday afternoon Nick Drake had the chance to do some outdoor cooking using our washing machine cookers! After the fires had been lit they started preparing the ingredients for their giant crunchie bar! After melting the sugar, syrup and water they added the bicarbonate of soda and it erupted in a volcano of honeycomb…delicious. It set for an hour or two before it was covered with milk chocolate to complete the process. All three giant crunchies turned out brilliantly and needless to say they were all devoured in seconds after supper.

Carol Service

On the final day of term all of the children are singing in the school carol service at 11.30am at Lavenham Church.

England v Jamaica @ The Copperbox

The girls were extremely excited to be given the opportunity to watch an international match. Leaving school during the afternoon, the girls enjoyed the journey, arriving in time at the Olympic Park to watch England Under 21’s take on the East Region Superleague team. This was a great match and gave the girls a taster of what was to follow. The girls were inspired and went down to the courtside to chat with the rising England stars and get their autographs!
After a little wander around the stadium, we all took to our seats for the main match. The girls clapped and cheered as the teams entered the stadium and then all joined in the singing of The National Anthem (Mr Dunham would have been proud). The girls watched the teams warm up, and in groups they chose a drill that they would like to try in our netball sessions!
The match started well for England who hit the ground running but this did not last long as Jamaica came back fighting to win the game 66-48. The experience of watching the netball showed the girls the level of intensity that sport can be played at. They were wonderfully behaved and a joy to take. It was lovely to see a few of the girls the day after playing with the mini netballs that they bought, and showed they were obviously inspired by the trip.

Pre Prep Nativity ‘A Miracle in Town’

On Friday 9th December, we have the performance of the Pre-Prep’s amazing Nativity.  Please join us at 2pm in the Old Gym.  After the show, Parents are free to take them to the wonderful Christmas Fair in the Britten Hall.