OPEN BOARDING WEEKEND: ‘Christmas Calypso Carnival’, Boarders’ Christmas Cracker


The Caribbean Calypso Christmas Carnival was a fantastic open boarding event.  Throughout the evening the children had the opportunity to learn how to play the steel drums, test their core strength on the Rockin’ Reindeer and compete in the limbo challenge. There was also a team challenge to transport as much water from the oasis to the plant with only a coconut and the added complication that they weren’t allowed to use their hands! The children also made some beautiful carnival masks.  The kitchen treated us to some delicious Caribbean fayre and the evening came to a grand finale with hot chocolate and fireworks in Brettenham Park.

The day after the night before!
On Sunday afternoon Nick Drake had the chance to do some outdoor cooking using our washing machine cookers! After the fires had been lit they started preparing the ingredients for their giant crunchie bar! After melting the sugar, syrup and water they added the bicarbonate of soda and it erupted in a volcano of honeycomb…delicious. It set for an hour or two before it was covered with milk chocolate to complete the process. All three giant crunchies turned out brilliantly and needless to say they were all devoured in seconds after supper.

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