World of Work

Such was the interest in Mrs Mannion’s introduction to the world of vets that a number of day pupils had also stayed on in order to attend.  The talk explored the variety of occupations open to people once they have completed their veterinary science degree, including laboratory work for those people who do not want direct contact with animals and their owners. It was fascinating to see footage of dogs before and after surgery which highlighted the advances which have been made in the creation of artificial limbs. Mrs Mannion was keen to point out that it is not a glamorous profession and that life on the front line as a vet requires you to have as much compassion for humans as for their pets. Her revelation that something like 80 – 90% of vets nowadays are female will hopefully challenge some of our boys to aspire to join this wonderful, noble profession.

Certainly Mrs Mannion’s talk received the pupils’ full attention and a host of enthusiastic questions at the end as well as meeting Bruno, one of her patient’s whom the Mannion family have adopted.

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