Year 6 work together to complete their Bronze OBEs Expedition

Year 6 embarked on their Bronze OBE’s (Old Buckenham Explorers) expedition in Thetford Forest. The brief was simple; teamwork and problem solving.

Not long after arriving in Thetford Forest the children were set off on an orienteering exercise. Armed with a basic map to navigate the complicated footpath routes, the teams were also given the challenge of building a stretcher to carry their team mates and complete a simple 1st aid exercise.  After three hours and following plenty of map discussions, teams arrived back at base camp ready for the afternoon tasks.

The groups rotated around activities which included fire lighting, shelter building and bush cooking.  By the time the sun had set they were all very hungry and set about making bread filled with ham and cheese.  With a roaring fire going, the ham and cheese toasties were cooked on some slate that was found lying nearby. The toasties were delicious and after a second course of pasta, they all settled down around the fire for some quiet time before the night navigation exercise (or man hunt) began! It was so good to see all the children getting along, and the atmosphere around the fire was that of excitement, friendship and laughter.

Following a well deserved sleep, cooked breakfast and plenty of warm drinks, the children finished off their shelter, which was now bigger than the White House. They set about testing how waterproof it was! The children all positioned themselves in the shelter as Mr Miller, armed with two huge buckets of water approached.  He poured the water over the roof, and luckily not one of the children came out wet!

After a short break, the children were picked up and transported to the start point of the final phase of the expedition; the 15km walk and navigation exercise. The children navigated the entire way back. The children demonstrated great self reliance, determination and resillience and will continue to be challenged in the next stages of the OBE’s programme.

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