Years 3 & 4 visit to the Schools Farm & Country Fair

The children in the Middle School came into school with great excitement about the forthcoming day. We arrived in Trinity Park after an uneventful and thankfully traffic free journey. We were welcomed by our guides for the day, Rupert and Imogen who were part of the stewarding team. Rupert Brown is no stranger to the children at OBH and showed us the very best that the Country Fair had to offer. The children were brilliant ambassadors for the school as always!

Here a few of the children’s highlights of the day:
‘I loved looking at the Viking ship and having a look inside.’ Matteo
‘The best part of the day was seeing the piglets. They were so cute and I loved them.’ Tiara
‘Yesterday, we all went to the School and Country Fair. I collected lots of cool stickers from the stands. My favourite tractor was the one with caterpillar tracks.’ Ismene
‘The fair was very interesting. My favourite part was touching the pig’s head and balancing screws on top of each other.’ George

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