An Egg-static Easter Evening, Hadley’s Ice-Cream Farm

A warm welcome back to all of our boarders. Over the past week or so it has been fabulous to hear all about their Easter break and all
the exciting things they have done or places they have been lucky enough to visit. The evenings  have been reasonably warm and the boarders have been outside playing in the nets, on the astro or tennis courts and giving the golf course a try. They have been burning up lots of energy
whilst out on bikes and playing hide and seek around the grounds.

At the weekend the boarders enjoyed a mammoth Easter egg hunt around the grounds and the Easter bunny was kind and gave out chocolate treats to everyone once they had completed it successfully. A campfire was lit and marshmallows were then toasted as night fell.

Sunday church was at Rattlesden where the Year 8’s helped to serve breakfast and after which we all then enjoyed the Sunday service by
Rev. Tiffer. Later the boarders took turns to visit the Ice Cream Parlour in Lavenham for an extraordinary ice-cream tasting session.
It was truly amazing. Honeycomb was the favourite with strawberry sorbet a close second! If you have not been there yet, it is worth a visit. A truly lovely weekend with boarders who were just all impeccably behaved.

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