Wattisham Open Day

On Wednesday evening a group of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were lucky enough to visit Wattisham Airfield for their annual Open Day. Wattisham is the home of the British Army’s Attack Helicopter Force and the mighty AH-64 Apache helicopter. We regularly
see them flying around the skies over OBH, but this was a rare chance to get up close to inspect these impressive helicopters and to chat
with the aircrew who fly in them and the ground crew who look after them. The pupils clambered around the Apaches, tried on survival kit, handled small arms and learnt all about how the Apache is operated. Who would have thought that the sensors on it are so sensitive that pilots flying over fields can detect the difference between the night air and the warm breath of cows as they breathe out. We also enjoyed the chance to inspect some historical aircraft of the past, namely the mighty Phantom and beautiful Hawker Hunter. Right at the end of the
evening as we walked to the bus we were treated to an impromptu flying display by an Apache as its crew practised their manoeuvres – an
exciting end to a fantastic evening.

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