Year 4 Trip to West Stow

Year 4 had a great time on Tuesday as we travelled back through time to the Anglo-Saxon village of West Stow to explore what life was like 1,500 years ago. Starting off in the museum we found out all about the work of the archaeologists and how their discoveries have shaped out understanding of life in Anglo-Saxon times. We were lucky enough to see an amazing assortment of artefacts
including bronze brooches, combs made from antlers, wooden keys, pottery of various sorts, axes, arrows, shields and swords – all of which told us a little bit about what daily life would be like. We also tried on several Anglo-Saxon clothes (although we stayed away from the blue garments after hearing what the Anglo-Saxons used as a dye!) before rounding the morning off with a spot of lunch. In the afternoon we visited the Anglo-Saxon village to see for ourselves what Anglo-Saxon houses were like (and do our best to search for any bits of Anglo-Saxon flint or pottery which may be lurking in the molehills!). Having the chance to investigate the houses first hand was amazing and we really got a feel for what it would be like to live in 500AD.

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