July, 2017:

Year 7 Survival Expedition

The Year 7’s were keen to ‘rough’ it for their final Year 7 expedition, so the plan was hatched to make this a survival based expedition, involving the children sleeping in their ‘A’ frame and ‘lean to’ shelters overnight before starting an orienteering exercise the next day. We marched the children into the big woods to collect and source natural materials from the woods. The key to this is keeping it simple and the children built some fantastic shelters, which are still standing! We were lucky with the weather and with shelters built, fire lit, we settled down to a supper of fire smoked salmon and bush burgers, luxury really as they did not fancy the worm stew I suggested!

It was a quiet night, the fire was kept burning all night in case there were a few cold children but judging by the snoring, echoing around the camp, all slept reasonably well. We woke early, getting breakfast and preparing for the orienteering exercise which would cover nine miles of local countryside. There were no real major navigational errors, the staff sat back and let the children lead, and I am pleased to say that we arrived back at school at 3pm sharp. Tired and with a few blisters the children departed for their home weekend, they were a great group to take away, plenty of laughs and all seemed eager to step it up a notch next year. In September we will start planning their final Gold award expedition, watch this space!

Harry Judd presents prizes at Speech Day



Former pupil of OBH, Harry Judd, was guest of honour at Speech Day this year.  After handing out prizes, he entertained the audience in the marquee with a wonderful speech. He spoke of experiencing “waves of nostalgia” at returning to OBH and had the entire audience laughing at his memories of Mr Bunting and Mr Barrett.  He expressed how much he enjoyed his time at OBH, and that his descriptions of OBH to his McFly band mates had led them to think that it’s “a bit like hogwarts”.

Harry found a love for drumming, and took on board the advise “when you’ve found something that you enjoy, spend as much time doing it as you can”.  Hours of practising at his drum kit have paid off – developing muscle memory to overcome the effect that nerves and adrenalin can have on the brain. A strong message to send to the children about the importance of committment and perseverance.

Alumni News



We were delighted to learn this week that former pupil, Amy Schanschieff, who left OBH in July 2013, has been appointed Head Girl at Oakham for the next academic year.  After leaving OBH she joined Oakham as an all round scholar and has enjoyed 4 years as a boarder in Buchanans House where she was Head of House this year. With an excellent grounding at OBH Amy continues to pursue her passion for music and sport singing in the Chapel Choir, playing in the 1st tennis team, captaining the girls’ 1st XI cricket team, and after 2 years in the 1st hockey team she will captain the side in her final year.

Boarding Next Term

The boarding houses will be busy next year and so……

Please ensure you have returned the forms for boarding or contact emma.easdale@obh.co.uk for more information if you need to add or change nights, or would like to board on a trial basis in September.

Year 5 STEM Haileybury visit

On Thursday 15th June, four intrepid Year 5 scientists and Mr Gillott set off to take part in the annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) challenge at Haileybury College in Hertfordshire. The theme for this year’s challenge was ‘Space Exploration’ and throughout the day our four scientists had to work hard and collaborate on a series of puzzles including making a Martian Water Filter, designing and creating a parachute to safely land probes from orbit, testing out the best type of rocket fuel and programming a lunar lander to follow a series of operations in order to rescue a stranded crew member.

Our team performed magnificently throughout the day and ‘landed’ back home at OBH buzzing with excitement and fully decked out in space blankets! Well done, to all those involved.

Pirates versus Mermaids

The Middle School production of ‘Pirates versus Mermaids’ was an absolute triumph. The dress rehearsal in front of the school was the first time the children had performed in front of an audience, but you never would have known! They danced, sang and acted their hearts out. There are always ways to improve a show and this is exactly why dress rehearsals are so important. With a few careful tweaks and reminders, we anticipated a fabulous show. This was a real team effort and there were many people we would like to thank: Mrs Bolton and her team for creating a wonderful back drop, Mrs Nunn, Miss Passmore and Mr Pascalides for accompanying the children’s singing, Mr Gillott for lighting up the stage and obviously, Mrs Powell for her brilliant dramatic input. She is wonderfully patient and this show was testament to her hard work and creativity. Most importantly, well done, to all the children for the most magical performance.

Sports Day

It was another glorious day at OBH, this was a much anticipated House athletics, with so many athletes looking to break school records, and the houses chomping at the bit to win the much coverted House Athletic trophy. Having done all the organisation, House meetings and various other internal events, it was finally time to relax and enjoy the day. The children arrived at school excited and looking forward to the competition and as the parents arrived and unpacked their cars, ready for the picnics, the sun came out to signal the start!

The field events kicked off first, with a classic internal rivalry between George Whitelaw and Edward Collins competing for the honour of High Jump champion. George won it last year and was looking to retain the title, but Edward was the better jumper on the day, jumping an impressive 1.57, 1cm of the school record. Edward is competing in the National Finals on Tuesday; we wish him all the very best. Flossie Myers flew over the bar to win the girl’s high jump, which started an impressive run of wins for her. I fear I do not have the space to go through all the events but there
were some excellent performances by all the children, and it was hugely heart warming to see them compete not only for themselves, but for their House as well. As we made our way through the programme it was plain to see that there were two Houses that looked close; Mercury and Mars, and with the House relays to come, it was all down to the relay teams. The tension was building and at the presentations it was clear that this was very close.

Mars took the trophy, which caps an excellent all round House performance, closely followed by Mercury, Saturn and then Jupiter. Many thanks to Mrs Martin and Mr Rowland for presenting the medals and well done to all the children for making this such a memorable event.

OBH Fest II, Pool Party & BBQ

The weekend was glorious, and kicked off with a music festival to rival Glastonbury! The bouncy castles were pumped up and the music started and all danced and sang to their heart’s content.
Even Mr O’Sullivan could not resist the microphone and his rendition of “I’m a Barbie girl” could be heard for miles around. The festival food was “awesome man” to quote some of the boys and the milkshakes were “heavenly” according to the girls.

On Sunday as the sun came up, the Year 8’s set off on their expedition to Northumberland with the mini-buses bursting at the seams with overnight bags and food. The rest of us managed a sneaky lie-in! Six of our Year 7 children attended Rattlesden church to serve breakfast and enjoythe family service afterwards. The rest of the boarders walked to Brettenham Church and took part in the service there, reading prayers, and passages from the Bible.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing more bouncing on the inflatables and then we decamped to the pool to cool off and enjoy the sunny afternoon by the pool. A big game of kwik cricket and football followed this and after supper we ended the weekend with a film. It was a lovely weekend.