OBH Fest II, Pool Party & BBQ

The weekend was glorious, and kicked off with a music festival to rival Glastonbury! The bouncy castles were pumped up and the music started and all danced and sang to their heart’s content.
Even Mr O’Sullivan could not resist the microphone and his rendition of “I’m a Barbie girl” could be heard for miles around. The festival food was “awesome man” to quote some of the boys and the milkshakes were “heavenly” according to the girls.

On Sunday as the sun came up, the Year 8’s set off on their expedition to Northumberland with the mini-buses bursting at the seams with overnight bags and food. The rest of us managed a sneaky lie-in! Six of our Year 7 children attended Rattlesden church to serve breakfast and enjoythe family service afterwards. The rest of the boarders walked to Brettenham Church and took part in the service there, reading prayers, and passages from the Bible.

The rest of Sunday was spent doing more bouncing on the inflatables and then we decamped to the pool to cool off and enjoy the sunny afternoon by the pool. A big game of kwik cricket and football followed this and after supper we ended the weekend with a film. It was a lovely weekend.

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