Sports Day

It was another glorious day at OBH, this was a much anticipated House athletics, with so many athletes looking to break school records, and the houses chomping at the bit to win the much coverted House Athletic trophy. Having done all the organisation, House meetings and various other internal events, it was finally time to relax and enjoy the day. The children arrived at school excited and looking forward to the competition and as the parents arrived and unpacked their cars, ready for the picnics, the sun came out to signal the start!

The field events kicked off first, with a classic internal rivalry between George Whitelaw and Edward Collins competing for the honour of High Jump champion. George won it last year and was looking to retain the title, but Edward was the better jumper on the day, jumping an impressive 1.57, 1cm of the school record. Edward is competing in the National Finals on Tuesday; we wish him all the very best. Flossie Myers flew over the bar to win the girl’s high jump, which started an impressive run of wins for her. I fear I do not have the space to go through all the events but there
were some excellent performances by all the children, and it was hugely heart warming to see them compete not only for themselves, but for their House as well. As we made our way through the programme it was plain to see that there were two Houses that looked close; Mercury and Mars, and with the House relays to come, it was all down to the relay teams. The tension was building and at the presentations it was clear that this was very close.

Mars took the trophy, which caps an excellent all round House performance, closely followed by Mercury, Saturn and then Jupiter. Many thanks to Mrs Martin and Mr Rowland for presenting the medals and well done to all the children for making this such a memorable event.

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