Harry Judd presents prizes at Speech Day



Former pupil of OBH, Harry Judd, was guest of honour at Speech Day this year.  After handing out prizes, he entertained the audience in the marquee with a wonderful speech. He spoke of experiencing “waves of nostalgia” at returning to OBH and had the entire audience laughing at his memories of Mr Bunting and Mr Barrett.  He expressed how much he enjoyed his time at OBH, and that his descriptions of OBH to his McFly band mates had led them to think that it’s “a bit like hogwarts”.

Harry found a love for drumming, and took on board the advise “when you’ve found something that you enjoy, spend as much time doing it as you can”.  Hours of practising at his drum kit have paid off – developing muscle memory to overcome the effect that nerves and adrenalin can have on the brain. A strong message to send to the children about the importance of committment and perseverance.

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