Year 7 Survival Expedition

The Year 7’s were keen to ‘rough’ it for their final Year 7 expedition, so the plan was hatched to make this a survival based expedition, involving the children sleeping in their ‘A’ frame and ‘lean to’ shelters overnight before starting an orienteering exercise the next day. We marched the children into the big woods to collect and source natural materials from the woods. The key to this is keeping it simple and the children built some fantastic shelters, which are still standing! We were lucky with the weather and with shelters built, fire lit, we settled down to a supper of fire smoked salmon and bush burgers, luxury really as they did not fancy the worm stew I suggested!

It was a quiet night, the fire was kept burning all night in case there were a few cold children but judging by the snoring, echoing around the camp, all slept reasonably well. We woke early, getting breakfast and preparing for the orienteering exercise which would cover nine miles of local countryside. There were no real major navigational errors, the staff sat back and let the children lead, and I am pleased to say that we arrived back at school at 3pm sharp. Tired and with a few blisters the children departed for their home weekend, they were a great group to take away, plenty of laughs and all seemed eager to step it up a notch next year. In September we will start planning their final Gold award expedition, watch this space!

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