Senior Boarding

The boarders have been busy in the evenings this week taking part in activities such as board games, dance, drama and DT Club in which the children are creating wooden pinball machines with Mr Swiney. Escape and Evasion is now up and running as Mr Drake coaches his tactical awareness games around the grounds whilst craft and Hama Beads take place inside, in front of the fireplace in the Inner Hall – this is enjoyed during the colder months when the fire is roaring and the creations are in full flow.

As the evenings have been dry, the tennis courts have been in action with lessons occurring on the astroturf and hard courts whilst Hockey and Multi-Sports are always well attended.

Play rehearsals and Headmaster’s Suppers for Year 8 have begun and therefore the children are more than ready for bed when the time comes each evening. We are looking forward to a wonderful weekend of fun and amusements both in the great outdoors on Saturday night and the pier at Southwold on Sunday, before we prepare to welcome the OSCAR Foun-dation to the boarding houses for the next In-Weekend as part of their wonderful football tour.

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