November, 2017:

Race Night at Brettenham Park & Suffolk Ski Centre

Lord Buckenham’s Race Night!!
The scene was set as the horses paraded around the inner hall illuminated against the backdrop of the white snowy screen as Lord Buckenham stood grandly in the corner perusing the excitable crowd in all their refinery. Then the bookmakers arrived to bring everyone back down to earth with their stingy, miserly demeanour. Yes, Dr Beftred Marshall was in fine form and the commentator for the evening, Mrs Rice, announced the horses and their current form with great amusement. Races came and went as fast as the mocktails and treats before the final furlong of the
final race had all the children screaming, shouting and cheering on horses such as Wonlegwonder, He’s Behind You and Fusilli which put everyone in a twist. The winners were welcomed and prizes were awarded but of course the only true winner was the dastardly bookmaker, Dr Beftred Marshall.

A grand occasion was followed the next day by the serenity of church at Thorpe Morieux and bulb planting in Brettenham as part of our community support in the area. It will be great for the village people and the children to see the bulbs grow and flower in the New Year.

After a delicious roast it was action stations again and a trip to the Suffolk Leisure Centre for the thrills and spills of tobogganing. Races were held and the competition was fierce between staff and pupils alike. Gravitational pull eluded some who flipped, rolled and jettisoned themselves miraculously down the snowy white carpet with great amusement. Sunday evening came and went with tuck and films before bedtime and the start of a new week.

World of Work Talk

The pupils in years 6, 7 and 8 were very fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a ‘World of Work’ talk given by Mrs Rebecca McVittie on Monday evening this week. Mrs McVittie is based in the City of London but travels throughout the world in connection with her career with Fidelity Asset Management specialising in investment in emerging markets. Many of the children were curious about the content of the talk, but what quickly become apparent was just how fascinating the work is. Mrs McVittie spoke about her early education as a classicist and the fact that she was considering Law as a career, when a holiday job in the City was offered to her and the rest became history!

The children listened intently and when asked if they would like to ask any questions, amazed the staff with their intelligent and thoughtful questions, which included – the possible impact of Brexit on investment – at what age can you start investing with Fidelity – to – what is the gender mix at your firm? Many thanks to Rebecca for taking the time out of her very busy schedule to talk to our children (Rebecca was flying out to Switzerland at 4.00 am the following morning!) the children were really fascinated and totally engaged in the subject.

The Lord Mayor’s Show


The excitement of the Lord Mayor’s Show is slowly waning but the memories of the Lord Mayor’s Show and the launch party will last a very long time!

The launch party was the perfect prelude for the show and for Charles Bowman to take time out of his very hectic schedule to attend, was the icing on the cake.

The Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London was an incredible experience. As we took our place in the procession just behind the samba drummers from Uppingham School and ahead of Gog and Magog, the giant willow figures of the ancient guardians of the City – camels walked past! It was all quite surreal.

We observed the two minutes silence, the end of which was signalled by the sounding of the last post and then gathered ourselves together for an incredible journey to Embankment through streets lined with spectators and peppered with familiar faces!  We received a great reception from the crowd at Mansion House and an extra special recognition from the Lord Mayor.  The children felt like celebrities and were clearly very proud to be part of the OBH float.

After a long lunch break, everyone lifted their spirits and the children continued to engage with the crowd, gaining cheers, claps and a few ‘whoop, whoops’!

The procession ended with everyone in high spirits and enjoying the company of a members of staff and parents who had been watching the procession jogging alongside us as we came to our final finishing position.


Bonfire Night & Hitcham Hot Chocolate Hike

News from the Boarding Houses
Bang! Crash! Wallop! went the weekend with a whizz, flash and sparkle as well!
Guy Fawkes met his end and thank you to all the children for dressing them so marvellously and thank you also to the Village and the Friends of OBH for creating another splendid bonfire night for us all to enjoy. From there the boarders relaxed after another busy week and fixtures. We all awoke on a crisp, sunny Sunday morning for a relaxing pyjama breakfast before some went to rugby and hockey and the rest of us made our way to church at Brettenham. Once back from church, there was a little free time before lunch when the children played at Rory’s Place, emailed parents, relaxed in their common rooms and sorted out their gear for the Hitcham Hot Chocolate Hike. Lunch was served and consumed with great delight on this chilly autumnal day. It has been great to see that lunch on a Sunday, allowing for the greater time available, has enabled the children to enjoy chatting and discussing a great variety of matters with their peers and staff alike. They show good manners and offer to get things for staff and friends; it has been great to be involved with this group of full boarders throughout this term. The afternoon continued with the hike and it was good to see the children chatting and laughing as they went. Many were intent on finding the hidden hot chocolate and snacks along the route and because of this they travelled quickly from post to post in search of the goodies. When walking through a whispering meadow the prize was found beneath the winding trees and bristly bushes. “I’VE GOT IT, IT’S OVER HERE…….! Came a calm and melancholy voice……..Oh no, I mean a loud, high pitched scream of sheer delight as the children began pouring and then chewing cookies and bickies galore, glugging back some wonderful hot chocolate whilst sat amongst the grassy canvas. Onwards we marched to school to relax and enjoy a restful hour before supper and then tuck by the fire in the inner hall and a film. Another very pleasant weekend saw all enjoying time to chill, be active and rest for the coming week and preparations for the Lord Mayor’s Show. Thank you to all the children and the staff for helping all to enjoy each other’s company and the activities.

Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad

A total of 65 girls from nine different schools across East Anglia joined us for an inspiring day of STEM challenges at OBH on Monday 6th November. Teams that joined OBH were: South Lee, Fairstead House, St. Cedds, Framlingham Prep, Acton Primary, Kersey CEVC Primary, The Abbey, Chilton Primary and Great Whelnetham. Tiffany Blackhurst organised the day challenging the teams of five Year 5 girls to use logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy and their knowledge of the STEM subjects to complete a variety of challenging tasks.
The Chemical Challenge was set by Long John Silver him-self, on a mission to travel far and wide to collect bounty, he wondered which fruit juice would contain the highest level of Vitamin C to prevent his crew suffering scurvy. The girls also enjoyed the chance to help make some elephants toothpaste! Winners of the Science Challenge were Kersey CEVC Primary.
The Maths Challenge tested the children’s logic, spatial awareness and teamwork. The puzzles and activities made the children use their brain in a different way to solve problems and to see maths in a fun way. The team from Acton Primary were winners in this challenge.
The Engineering Challenge took place in the DT room where the girls had to apply their knowledge of forces to design and build a wind powered car with the winning car travelling the furthest along the race track. Two cars, one from South Lee and the other Great Whelnetham, went all the way off the end of the track and so were both declared the winners.
The final session was an ICT workshop in which the girls had the chance to use coding software, Scratch. This enabled them to demonstrate their creativity and everyone had great fun animating their chosen characters.
The teams were all very well matched this year with the scores all very close in each task. However, the overall winners and recipients of the OBH Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad Trophy were St Cedds. As a team, their overall scores across the challenges demonstrated a depth of knowledge and understanding in all STEM subjects. A very well done to all of the girls that took part. We look
forward to the Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad 2018!


We are delighted to announce that the charities that the children have chosen to support for this academic year are: ‘For Daisy and DIPG Brain Cancer Research’ and ‘Water Aid’. All the children in the Prep School were involved in the decision. A shortlist of seven charities was drawn up following discussions at House meetings. A number of children then made presentations about the charities in Assembly. They spoke passionately and eloquently about the different causes. An election style vote was then held with ballot papers and a ballot box! We are now planning some exciting fundraising events which will include a ‘Daisy Day’ and a ‘Pupil Pipeline Challenge!’

We will be supporting Children in Need on Friday 17th November by asking the children to pay £1 to dress up in spotty dotty outfits. There will be prizes for the best costumes!
From onesies to dressing gowns, pyjamas to jumpers. Anything spotty will do! We are also looking forward to the hotly contested House Tug of War competition which will take place at break time on Spotty Dotty Day cheered on by Pre-Prep who will come along to cheer their House. The winning House will be awarded a special cake, kindly baked by the catering staff.
Help us to make it a day to remember!

IAPS Ski Championships – Passo del Tonale

OBH’s Ski team go from strength to strength. Last year we were IAPS champions in the Boys’ U11 category and our Boys’ U13 team were silver medal-lists. We are planning to return to Italy in the New Year with another strong team. The school will be taking a team of a maximum of 12 skiers. The IAPS Championships are for experienced race skiers to compete against the best in the country, whilst representing their school. The programme is full, fast and furious and includes race training, qualifying races, the championship and plate competition, as well as evening activities. All members of the OBH ski team will be expected to participate fully in the programme.

It is very different from the school ski trip, and not one for fairweather skiers! After the successes of last couple of years we think it is likely that more than 12 children will be interested in
representing the school, in which case it may be necessary to hold a ski off to determine our strongest team. The trip will be led by Emma and David Easdale. The cost cannot be confirmed until flights are booked but will be be-tween £1000 and £1500. If you are interested in your child taking part and would like more details please email with details of their skiing credentials and experience.

OSCAR Foundation Football Tour, Fancy Feet Fandango & Colosseum Romano diem

Senior Boarding
What a weekend it was!
A fabulous afternoon of exciting rugby and hockey during the festivals at OBH was followed when an excitable crowd awaited the arrival of the OSCAR Foundation Touring Party. The coach arrived and the group of boys alighted from the steps to be greeted warmly by the OBH children who offered to take their bags and guide them to their rooms. It was great to see our boys and girls making them feel so welcome and smiles and confidence began to grow on the visitors faces throughout the evening. They were intrigued by all before them and all the children integrated well. Table tennis, pool and air hockey were played with huge enthusiasm, volume and laughter which resounded from the School Room and JCR before the excitement of chocolate spread on toast saw our guests pile in with great delight.

The morning started with some weary faces perusing the great outdoors from inside the dining room. Once fed and re-fuelled, the zip wire created great excitement along with Rory’s Place before the football began. The crowds arrived to see the amazing skills that were on display whilst the Ipswich Town coaches refereed the game. Two early goals saw OBH having to dig in and pull a couple of goals back before half time. The fitness and skills of the opposition were rewarded with a few more goals before a penalty shoot-out competition began. Some wonderful strikes and celebrations created a super atmosphere with which to end a wonderful experience for all concerned.

Lunch came and went and then it was time for outdoor challenges and cooking cheese toasties on the fire pit after crawling through the spider’s web on the island pond. After supper more games were played before bed. Thank you to all the children who boarded and played in the match – you did a superb job entertaining our guests and we should all remember how fortunate we are in our

On Monday evening some of the girls did some cooking with Tracey and Annabel, at one point most of the girls had more flour on their faces than in the mixing bowls. A few of the chocolate chip cookies were a little burnt round the edge (sorry girls!!) but they still made a tasty snack. To round off the half term, Year 8 girls and Year 6 boys have just made their own Ice Cream Sundaes as a dorm prize.

The dorm winners were Lovell, and to celebrate they made the most enormous ice cream sundaes – whipped cream, sprinkles, skittles, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce… I could go on! We had our first Spero birthday and Sophie shared a cake with all her fellow housemates. Thursday night was a special cinema night. Everyone came up early, changed into their PJs and snuggled down to the Lego Batman movie. All the boarding houses love board games, puzzles, top trumps, lego, loombands, etc. If you are clearing through your cupboards at half term and no longer want to house any of the above items – the boarding houses would love them. Thank you.