Bonfire Night & Hitcham Hot Chocolate Hike

News from the Boarding Houses
Bang! Crash! Wallop! went the weekend with a whizz, flash and sparkle as well!
Guy Fawkes met his end and thank you to all the children for dressing them so marvellously and thank you also to the Village and the Friends of OBH for creating another splendid bonfire night for us all to enjoy. From there the boarders relaxed after another busy week and fixtures. We all awoke on a crisp, sunny Sunday morning for a relaxing pyjama breakfast before some went to rugby and hockey and the rest of us made our way to church at Brettenham. Once back from church, there was a little free time before lunch when the children played at Rory’s Place, emailed parents, relaxed in their common rooms and sorted out their gear for the Hitcham Hot Chocolate Hike. Lunch was served and consumed with great delight on this chilly autumnal day. It has been great to see that lunch on a Sunday, allowing for the greater time available, has enabled the children to enjoy chatting and discussing a great variety of matters with their peers and staff alike. They show good manners and offer to get things for staff and friends; it has been great to be involved with this group of full boarders throughout this term. The afternoon continued with the hike and it was good to see the children chatting and laughing as they went. Many were intent on finding the hidden hot chocolate and snacks along the route and because of this they travelled quickly from post to post in search of the goodies. When walking through a whispering meadow the prize was found beneath the winding trees and bristly bushes. “I’VE GOT IT, IT’S OVER HERE…….! Came a calm and melancholy voice……..Oh no, I mean a loud, high pitched scream of sheer delight as the children began pouring and then chewing cookies and bickies galore, glugging back some wonderful hot chocolate whilst sat amongst the grassy canvas. Onwards we marched to school to relax and enjoy a restful hour before supper and then tuck by the fire in the inner hall and a film. Another very pleasant weekend saw all enjoying time to chill, be active and rest for the coming week and preparations for the Lord Mayor’s Show. Thank you to all the children and the staff for helping all to enjoy each other’s company and the activities.

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