OSCAR Foundation Football Tour, Fancy Feet Fandango & Colosseum Romano diem

Senior Boarding
What a weekend it was!
A fabulous afternoon of exciting rugby and hockey during the festivals at OBH was followed when an excitable crowd awaited the arrival of the OSCAR Foundation Touring Party. The coach arrived and the group of boys alighted from the steps to be greeted warmly by the OBH children who offered to take their bags and guide them to their rooms. It was great to see our boys and girls making them feel so welcome and smiles and confidence began to grow on the visitors faces throughout the evening. They were intrigued by all before them and all the children integrated well. Table tennis, pool and air hockey were played with huge enthusiasm, volume and laughter which resounded from the School Room and JCR before the excitement of chocolate spread on toast saw our guests pile in with great delight.

The morning started with some weary faces perusing the great outdoors from inside the dining room. Once fed and re-fuelled, the zip wire created great excitement along with Rory’s Place before the football began. The crowds arrived to see the amazing skills that were on display whilst the Ipswich Town coaches refereed the game. Two early goals saw OBH having to dig in and pull a couple of goals back before half time. The fitness and skills of the opposition were rewarded with a few more goals before a penalty shoot-out competition began. Some wonderful strikes and celebrations created a super atmosphere with which to end a wonderful experience for all concerned.

Lunch came and went and then it was time for outdoor challenges and cooking cheese toasties on the fire pit after crawling through the spider’s web on the island pond. After supper more games were played before bed. Thank you to all the children who boarded and played in the match – you did a superb job entertaining our guests and we should all remember how fortunate we are in our

On Monday evening some of the girls did some cooking with Tracey and Annabel, at one point most of the girls had more flour on their faces than in the mixing bowls. A few of the chocolate chip cookies were a little burnt round the edge (sorry girls!!) but they still made a tasty snack. To round off the half term, Year 8 girls and Year 6 boys have just made their own Ice Cream Sundaes as a dorm prize.

The dorm winners were Lovell, and to celebrate they made the most enormous ice cream sundaes – whipped cream, sprinkles, skittles, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce… I could go on! We had our first Spero birthday and Sophie shared a cake with all her fellow housemates. Thursday night was a special cinema night. Everyone came up early, changed into their PJs and snuggled down to the Lego Batman movie. All the boarding houses love board games, puzzles, top trumps, lego, loombands, etc. If you are clearing through your cupboards at half term and no longer want to house any of the above items – the boarding houses would love them. Thank you.

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