Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad

A total of 65 girls from nine different schools across East Anglia joined us for an inspiring day of STEM challenges at OBH on Monday 6th November. Teams that joined OBH were: South Lee, Fairstead House, St. Cedds, Framlingham Prep, Acton Primary, Kersey CEVC Primary, The Abbey, Chilton Primary and Great Whelnetham. Tiffany Blackhurst organised the day challenging the teams of five Year 5 girls to use logical thinking, problem solving, accuracy and their knowledge of the STEM subjects to complete a variety of challenging tasks.
The Chemical Challenge was set by Long John Silver him-self, on a mission to travel far and wide to collect bounty, he wondered which fruit juice would contain the highest level of Vitamin C to prevent his crew suffering scurvy. The girls also enjoyed the chance to help make some elephants toothpaste! Winners of the Science Challenge were Kersey CEVC Primary.
The Maths Challenge tested the children’s logic, spatial awareness and teamwork. The puzzles and activities made the children use their brain in a different way to solve problems and to see maths in a fun way. The team from Acton Primary were winners in this challenge.
The Engineering Challenge took place in the DT room where the girls had to apply their knowledge of forces to design and build a wind powered car with the winning car travelling the furthest along the race track. Two cars, one from South Lee and the other Great Whelnetham, went all the way off the end of the track and so were both declared the winners.
The final session was an ICT workshop in which the girls had the chance to use coding software, Scratch. This enabled them to demonstrate their creativity and everyone had great fun animating their chosen characters.
The teams were all very well matched this year with the scores all very close in each task. However, the overall winners and recipients of the OBH Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad Trophy were St Cedds. As a team, their overall scores across the challenges demonstrated a depth of knowledge and understanding in all STEM subjects. A very well done to all of the girls that took part. We look
forward to the Year 5 Girls’ STEM Olympiad 2018!

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