Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Come True & Christmas Creations

A Rock n Rollin’ weekend was had by all with great amusement and fun with the resident DJ in the House pumping tunes out on the duke box. Cadillac food boxes with burgers, hotdogs and plenty of ice cream to follow before bouncing on inflatable ‘musical domes’, getting smashed by the sweeper on ‘last man standing’ and creating milkshakes whilst hula hooping, were all great treats for the children to enjoy. Hot chocolate and cookies were taken outside to watch some wonderful fireworks before the children retired for the evening.

The Sunday afternoon activities saw the boarders concoct some lovely biscuits with ornate decorations as well as gifts for mums and dads before the evening came and went. Tuck in front of films was enjoyed by all.

The Star Boarders were treated to breakfast out at Hollow Trees farm on the Tuesday morning as their prize for completing their routines within the boarding house and being helpful to staff throughout the term and therefore winning more green tags. Very well done to all those who achieved this and went above and beyond the expected levels within each boarding house. We look forward to another splendid Star Boarder’s breakfast next term and in the summer.

The children have continued being busy putting up their Christmas decorations before Mrs Julia Campbell, the honorary judge, deliberated carefully, hour upon hour, before she revealed the results at the end of Fireside. Performances ranged from comedy and humour to singing and dancing along with a little shouting, screaming and clapping along with the tunes. Drums were bashed along with Manuel’s head in a Fawlty Towers’ sketch before the OBH Synchronised Swimming Team performed an awesome routine, splashing the crowd and spluttering along the way. Great fun was had except for when Casilda sang ‘Amor de Anticuario’ during which the crowd went silent before rapturous applause completed the performance.

Well done, to all for a dramatic evening with the Girls’ House song winning out over Spero and the Boys’ House. With the judging complete, the boys and the girls watched in anticipation as Lovell,
Keddington and Garratt were announced as the Christmas Dorm Decoration winners for 2017.

It is just left for us to thank the matrons for their support, care and attention throughout the term and as always, we wish you all a ‘Very Merry Christmas’ and all the best for the New Year ahead.

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