Lord Buckenham’s Task Master & OBH Quidditch Quest

The boys and girls have now settled back into the boarding houses and with some trepidation they began Saturday evening somewhat bemused by the tasks that were set by Lord Buckenham. Mallow Movers provided a stern test whilst Balloon Bread found the children weighing helium balloons down with a loaf of bread. How bizarre you might think! However, the children began to engage lateral thinking and ingenuity to achieve the best results possible. Other immeasurable tasks were taken on and the children had great fun especially when creating their Scooby Portraits with a single toilet roll. Mr O’Sullivan was keen to leave a picture of Scooby so that they could complete the most accurate portraits possible. We can firmly say that this task was open widely to interpretation and it is safe to say that Mr O’Sullivan was not willing to pay a commission to have the job done professionally by any of the groups. ‘The CHINISPS’ Team presented a portrait that conformed well to the task and was awarded the prize. Many thanks to Mrs Miller and Madame Cubitt for the parts they played and bringing out the competitive side of each task. Further team tasks occurred and it was great to see the boys and girls being competitive and enjoying themselves. ‘THE KATHMAN-DUDES’ came out as the Supreme Taskmaster Champions and received some lovely treats as part of their prize.

Sunday morning began with a relaxed breakfast until church and then some free time before Professor McGonagall, Hagrid and Moaning Myrtle flew around the grounds setting up the Quidditch pitch. The boys and girls had a splendid lunch before preparing their broomsticks for the inaugural match between the Griffinclaws and the Slitherhuffs. Bizarre shaped snitches in socks eluded the seekers for most of the afternoon whilst the bludgers entered into the spirit of the game throwing quaffles at almost anyone who passed by. One game paused as interference on the play, by none other than Scooby, caused the teams to go into a state of shock as experienced by Ron Weasley. Hagrid came to the rescue and all continued before the end of the game. Well done to all the muggles for their enthusiasm in events all weekend and many thanks to Dr Marshall (aka Hagrid) and Mrs Bolton (aka Professor McGonagall) for their magical powers as well.

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