Australia Day at OBH & Bounce into Ipswich

Having experienced the challenging conditions for the hockey and netball matches on Saturday afternoon it was plain to see that all the boys and girls needed the fun and thrills of Australia Day to get them bouncing back to life. Unfortunately, due to sickness in the Aussie camp, the entertainment was reluctantly postponed however, the tucker was great and many of the boys and girls
enjoyed a Lamington cake after bonza kangaroo burgers were consumed, as well as shrimps and prawns. All then hopped off to shower before settling down to movies and tuck, wrapping themselves up in their duvets and pillows!
Sunday morning broke over the outback of Brettenham Park, before “breakie” was eaten and the church service at Rattlesden was attended. Much like the English cricket team, the first hymn was demolished in part before the second verse found the congregation taking a more active role in proceedings! Much fun was had and the boys and girls were praised for their help when serving and clearing up breakfast at the back of the church. In true Australian style the boarders then performed like kangaroos at Bounce in Ipswich where the foam pit produced many laughs as some were yellow carded for their misfortunate and errant jumping styles. They then bounced back and sprung appropriately, shooting baskets, pressing pads and finally tumbling up and down ramps. All were tired before returning home and settling down for a fine roast dinner and a peaceful evening.

Thank you to all the boys and girls and staff for their ‘fair dinkum’ efforts throughout the weekend.

Events to come…….
With half term approaching, please could we remind all Year 7 and Year 8 pupils who board on a Wednesday evening, that after this Home Weekend they will need to bring in a small holdall/bag to pack their clothes in for the upcoming hockey tour on Thursday 8 February.

Another lovely week in Spero. This week Phoebe has brought us clapping games, and Uno has kept everyone entertained. It is very competitive! Last Friday night we celebrated Molly’s birthday up in Spero and Charlie celebrated his birthday with a great cake in the shape of a very cool dog – and Mr Bolt joined the party! The seniors celebrated the birthday of Charlie this week and plenty of treats were consumed, candles were lit and the cake cut with wonderful renditions of ‘happy birthday’ filling the Drawing Room.
Boarding queries
Please feel free to email Tracey ( or Rob Miller ( if you have any questions about the boarding weekend programme for this term which has been sent out or can be found on the website. Please also inform us, as per usual, of any changes to your son or daughter’s boarding nights as the term progresses.

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