Open Boarding Weekend: The Grand Masquerade Ball, Ampton Point to Point

After a week of almost tropical monsoon weather the boarders were ready for the Grand Masquerade Ball. Yes, Lord Buckenham again rolled out the barrels, the barrels of fun, as the guests who were dressed in all their finery danced the night away after a splendid dinner. And what a superb dinner it was with, of course, a wonderful chocolate marquise with vanilla terrine and a raspberry sauce. Everyone took a small breather after that whilst the auction began and prizes such as ‘Mad Hair Day’, an ‘Evening with Ben & Jerry’ and ‘Queue Bargers’, all went to the highest bidders.

Then it was time for the magician who had already astounded the guests when they arrived in the inner hall for drinks and canapés. On the stage in the dining room he unravelled things from out of nowhere, tied balloons in various shapes and sizes and stuck things through those balloons without them popping. Batman aided and abetted him at times whilst the children looked on  suggesting that they all knew how each trick was done.

Then Barbara’s dance class took centre stage as the first dance was a waltz. The boys had been practising all week and had made great strides ….which missed the feet of others….and happily led the way before the Top 20 tunes began to dance off the decks. The rocking dance floors continued as each year took their turn indulging in the chocolate fountain.

A wonderful evening was had by all who slept very well before a pyjama breakfast on Sunday morning, followed by church at Brettenham. The trip to Ampton for the point to point was fun although the inclement weather at stages tore across the hillside with people scattering for cover.

Everyone enjoyed a fabulous roast before settling in front of films with some tuck. Well done, to all the girls and boys for their efforts over the weekend.

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