Mud Packs and Pies, Big Timber Constructions and Parents’ & Pupils Tennis and Golf

The boys and girls from Year 5 to Year 7 have settled calmly back into school and have been completing some extra revision in the evenings before the exams this week. Since the Year 8’s have finished their final exams they have been able to enjoy a relaxing weekend whether being pampered to perfection or run ragged outside on Saturday evening.

Many cucumbers and avocados were used to sooth the pores and some were even consumed with great delight whilst the feet were massaged with oils and lotions galore. “Mamma Mia!” I hear you all say – however, it was the girls that relaxed in front of this musical matinee sampling the tasty treats laid on by the kitchen staff. The boys enjoyed Max’s birthday supper before playing rough and tumble games outside which were followed by hot chocolate and treats before bed.

On Sunday the children piled into breakfast in their pyjamas and all filled themselves up in readiness for the Parents’ and Pupils’ Golf and Tennis or time in the swimming pool. This was followed by the Big Timber Construction in the afternoon. The boarders became absorbed in the big woods, building their shelters and dens as well as riding their bikes and enjoying the evening as well. During supper we all celebrated Sam’s birthday.

Rest for all was required before the school exams began on Tuesday and it was good to see the children approaching them calmly and methodically.

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