Gordonstoun Challenge

The Gordonstoun Challenge is one of the most famous and iconoclastic events in the UK prep school year. Indeed it is something of a privilege for those schools who are fortunate enough to be invited to send a team to take part in this competition which has been running for nigh on 30 years. With that in mind much time and expertise was spent in ensuring this year’s team from OBH would not only do themselves justice but also build upon the good name of OBH itself. And so it proved over the day and a half that Annabel, Violet, Scarlett, Freddie and Edward faced up to and mastered a great number of physical, technical and creative challenges, all of them with a smile on their face and a grace and unity that drew the admiration of all those who ran the programme and all of their rivals. It was only right and proper that OBH should pull off a commanding victory in the grand finale on the rather grand south lawn on Gordonstoun in front of a large number of
dignitaries and assembled guests. This was a weekend that all who were participating in looked forward to with much hope and enthusiasm. It did not disappoint, and as importantly nor did OBH’s representatives.

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