Year 5 Camp-out

The Year 5 Camp Out was amazing. When school finished, we got changed and then carried our things over to the Outdoor Classroom. When everyone had finished putting their tents up, some children played cricket and others played at Rory’s Place. When it was time for supper, we had burgers in the Wild Café – Mr Swiney made the best burgers in the world! We all had so much fun playing again, until it was time to sit round the camp fire. The biscuits and hot chocolate were delicious. Some children told stories and then we all went into our tents and fell asleep.
By Alistair.
I strolled down to the camping area which was next to the Outdoor Classroom. I heard the peacock’s cries and the snapping of a twig. It took some ‘fanagaling’, but we all eventually put up our tents! When it was time to play, I went straight to the trampoline, where Ilyssa, Maggie, Ben, Izzie and I were bouncing and bouncing. Then I heard a voice shout, “It’s time for supper at the Wild Cafe”. I couldn’t wait – the burgers were amazing and the efficiency of the waiters was phenomenal. After that, we could play again. I decided to relax; it was paradise. Just as I was dozing off, I heard a voice say, “Pudding!” Everybody rushed to the Outdoor Classroom, where we had a very nice ice cream. I wrote a special review of the Wild Café and overall I gave it 4 stars.
By Charlie.
The Camp Out was amazing and very exciting. We had so much fun organising the Wild Café. Cecilly, Phoebe, Izzie and I took the orders. As the sun began to set, I heard owls hooting, twigs snapping and a peacock cry. We had so much fun putting up out tents; the atmosphere was amazing. Just before we went to bed, we all sat by the fire drinking hot chocolate and listening to stories. Although I didn’t get much sleep, I had lots of fun and it was relaxing in our huge tent. Everyone had a wonderful time; thank you to all the teachers who stayed and looked after us.
By Isla.

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