June, 2018:

Premiere at ‘The Bush’ Cinema and Picnic in the Park/Shopping in Bury

A fine afternoon of cricket was enjoyed by all before the boarders changed into their red, white and blue and headed to the croquet lawn for a quintessential Victorian Tea Party. The Royals were too busy to make it on this occasion but nonetheless the boarders devoured the cakes and buns and other sticky treats before the Royal Cake was cut and handed out to the hungry hoards. When all was consumed we all alighted to the ‘Bush Cinema’ for the outdoor premiere. When bundled onto crashmats and snug under the covers, the boarders relaxed and were treated to popcorn and sweeties under the stars. A beautiful evening came to an end before the boarders arose on Sunday morning to a Full English and then church at Thorpe Morieux.

A beautiful reading and an energetic service made us ready for the pool and before long all were enjoying the water in the warm sunshine. During the afternoon the convoy of buses set off for Bury and a picnic in the Abbey Gardens followed by some interesting shopping excursions around the Ark and the Market Square. We then arrived back in time for the Sunday roast and ice cream and jelly for desert. A quiet and peaceful evening before the start of the final week before half term was welcomed by all and many thanks must go to Mr Bunting and Dr (Doc) Marshall for their support and efforts on Sunday as well as Mr Auld and Mrs Warren for their help on Saturday night.


Year 6 – 8 Drama Competition

Since the start of term the children from Years 6 – 8 have been practising for the Drama competition. The Year 6 children were given an Aesop’s fable to perform, Year 7 had to source and learn a duologue and Year 8 had to find a suitable monologue. It was interesting to see the large range of pieces that were chosen from high comedy, to thought provoking, to Shakespeare. The semi-finals were performed to Mrs. Powell during drama lessons and she was able to select nine acts to go through to the final round. The children were able to demonstrate their talent to the whole school earlier this week and Mr O’Sullivan had the hard task of choosing a winner. Third place went to Evalina and Ella with ‘Romeo (Beckham) and Juliet’, Second place went to Adriana with ‘How it actually went’ and First place went to Charlie and Violet with their very amusing sketch from ‘Outnumbered’.

Summer Concert

OBH’s Summer Concert tempted fate, and the rains came, but they did not in any sense dampen what was a very special concert. The children rose magnificently to the challenges of a particularly busy week, and gave an appreciative audience great performance after great performance. All our regular ensembles had spent long hours preparing pieces and songs, and the hard work put in by the children and their teachers showed brightly through. As usual, many different styles of music were in evidence: we started with the orchestra playing the last movement from Dvořak’s New
World Symphony, and proceeded through ragtime, film music, Mah-Na Mah-Na, school dinners, Whitney Houston belters, Einaudi, jazz hands and many other things, to give our audience
an experience of the high-quality fun musical experience that OBH gives. Everyone from Year 3 to Year 8 took part in the joint songs, and four of our finest Year 8 musicians gave a valedictory performance. The Junior Percussion Ensemble and the Boys Choir made their debuts. Believe, performed by everybody, was a really inspiring end to our concert, and everyone set off into the muggy dark with a warm glow.