OBH Fest III & Bouncing Bonanza Assault Course

What fun was had at the OBH Fest III on Saturday night! Plenty of dancing, singing and shouting lyrics. Milkshakes and treats galore were consumed by the colourful festival goers. They bounced the night away and performed some classic dances such as YMCA where all were joining in and waving their arms in a multitude of directions. This was capped off when the headmaster was subjected to some cream pie to everyone’s great amusement. All of this after some wonderful games of cricket against the parents as well as Sports Day meant that all the boys and girls slept well before the Year 8’s departed for Northumberland on Sunday morning. The rest of the boarders enjoyed the bouncy castles, swims in the pool and an exciting game of football played by England.
It was wonderful to see all those who have boarded over the past year enjoying the final weekend. We have enjoyed being part of the friendly atmosphere that the pupils have created and we hope that they will continue to enjoy boarding throughout the week and during the weekends next year.

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