Super Soaker Saturday & Walberswick Waders

The Boarder’s Week…..

Welcome back to all the boarders and thank you for all the wonderful holiday stories and bright and cheery faces. The evenings have been pleasant and therefore the children have been able to get out and about on their bikes and explore the grounds. Tennis has been very popular with the boys and girls and if your child wishes to have tennis lessons then please get in contact with Mr Bolt.

At the weekend the boys and girls relaxed before consuming some lovely burgers and sausages from the BBQ whilst telling tales of the holidays to one another. Mr Griffiths and his family then entertained us with some lively singing before all the boarders sang a range of songs, nursery rhymes and other amusing pieces which entertained everyone in great style. A lovely evening ended with everyone relaxing with some tuck in front of a film.

They were all glad of the rest as the next day after church they travelled to Walberswick for some hotly contested crabbing. Mr Barratt was keen to win, however the children found his methods slightly controversial as he bargained for some superior crab catching devices with other anglers. Once spotted, the children persuaded him to share the cages which were then plopped  haphazardly into the water. When retrieved and counted, the crabs were rightfully returned to their aquatic homeland where they soldiered back to their hiding places beneath the rocks.

Thank you to all the staff and boarders for the lovely manner in which they approached the weekend. With this in mind we look forward to having more boarders on Saturday 22 September night for…

Le Weekend Francais
This weekend has been specially designed to help children in Years 6, 7 & 8 use their French language to order food, play games and follow instructions in readiness for the French trip and French Orals next summer.


Welcome Back to Spero!

It has been lovely hearing about everyone’s summer holidays. Adventures and fun seem to have been the order of the day. We particularly welcomed Digby, Poppy and Fergus who are new to
both OBH and boarding, as well as Tabitha, Oscar and Edmund who have started their boarding journey through the school.

Everyone has settled straight in and routines have been quickly established. The children are enjoying the last few evenings when they can still get out after supper on bikes and in Rory’s Place. Upstairs fruit, toast and milk remain on the menu and the Lego and games have come out of the cupboards.

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