Le Weekend Francais & Le Défi Tour Eiffel

The Boarder’s Week….. A la Français

What a fabulous weekend we all had. The Saturday supper menu was read delightfully in French and was ‘tres fantastique’ to eat. Grace was said in French with English subtitles from Austin. Afterwards the boys and girls then rampaged around ‘les bois et les terrains’ whilst searching for clues and enjoying the chance to let off some steam. Monsieur Murray kept everyone guessing and this provided great entertainment for both staff and pupils alike when certain individuals could not decipher the odd one out. Eventually the answers were revealed and the anagrams were solved before all settled down upstairs in their dorms for the night.

The following morning the teams named ‘French Fries’, ‘Le Boeuf’, ‘Les Cornichons’ and ‘Les Bons Bons’ waited anxiously for their prizes. The Britten Hall was the location for the ‘Tour de France alternatif’ and great amusement was had by all when dressing up in ‘les oignons et le beret’ before scooting round the obstacles. With everyone smelling like a French market we reverted to a traditional English roast dinner before for some baking and building after lunch.

The groups were split into two with one cooking crepes in the Cookery room and the other group building Eiffel Towers. The results were splendide! The chefs returned from the Cookery Room having cooked, carved and consumed their crepes with plenty of syruppy, chocolatey spread. Some tremendous Eiffel Towers were created; one in particular with a jelly baby lowered to the ground by a spaghetti lever! Fortunately the landing was safe and all survived the experience.

Thank you to all the children for all their efforts and for making the weekend enjoyable and also relaxing. Special thanks must go to Monsieur Murray who brought a sense of ‘joie de vivre’ to the whole weekend and organised the events superbly. Much praise as well was given to Mike and Jane in the kitchens whose huge efforts allowed the French Café to come to life with many delectable French treats. It was a pleasure to see everyone enjoying the relaxed, calm atmosphere that pervaded the whole weekend.

The next In Weekend (6—7 October) sees the arrival of Bollywood on the Saturday evening. On Sunday, those who have boarded will be able to scale the heights of a huge clibming wall within the school grounds. Please contact the Houseparents if you would like to stay in for a chance to be first to the top and let us know whether you would like to take part on the Saturday night and Sunday. The boarders will be attending the Harvest Festival Service next Sunday morning. With this in mind, we would ask for any Harvest donations to be handed in to Reception in Prep School.

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