Bollywood Bonanza

Bollywood style!

Tasty curry and perfect poppadoms made for an enticing start to our Bollywood Bonanza. The children tucked in with great delight to the mango chutney and Raita sauce provided as accompaniments to the delights on the menu. For desert the Mango Ripple Ice Cream and delicate sauces and biscuits provided a delectable end to the dinner. Then came the music and mayhem of the dance! The Gappies came into their own with the rest of the staff compiling their own comprehensive moves whilst awaiting the performances. Who would be symmetrical and rhythmical to the music? Who would exceed expectations and win the dance off? The crowd grew restless and the heightened anticipation was then greeted with the first performance. The music began with great excitement as intricate sequences developed with the beat of the music and the tap of feet and hands from all. Some premature clapping to signal the end of a dance was met with more moves and begrudging faces which were beaten back by rapturous applause at the finale. The second dance again included much rhythm and mesmeric moves and all should be proud of their super efforts.

Such fun was had that all the girls decided the following morning that they would continue to develop their dances before church at Brettenham where we celebrated harvest festival. In the afternoon a trip to Bury to watch ‘The house with a clock in its wall’ was enjoyed before returning and relaxing for the evening before the start of the next week. Thank you to all of the girls who made the weekend so enjoyable. It really was a pleasure to be part of all the entertainment.

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