Brettenham Village Bonfire Night & ‘The Great OBH Bake off’

This week the Year 7 girls had pizza and watched The Wedding Planner in their common room. All enjoyed the entertainment and are looking forward to more fun and games in the evenings.

Enjoyment was also experienced by all those who came to the Brettenham Village Bonfire on Saturday evening. This has always been a marvellous event and this year was no disappointment. The homemade GUY met its match and the flames engulfed this historical figure. Cheers went up and continued to be raised by the expectant crowd as the ‘bang, fizz and whizz’ of the firework display left all amazed with the bright colours streaming this way and that. The boarders played, ate and drank whilst the crescendo of lights and bangs reached its climax before they retired for the evening to the dining room to warm their bellies with hot chocolate, cake and biscuits before relaxing in front of a film.

Sunday morning rose brightly along with the boarders who meandered down to breakfast in their pyjamas before either going to church or helping the community. Special thanks must go to Anthony and Thomas who dug, forked and then planted hundreds of bulbs along the roadside in Brettenham village. A roast for lunch was enjoyed peacefully with staff and children chatting happily before The Great OBH Bake Off. The brief set by Mrs Rice was simple, Bonfire Cupcakes, however the soggy bottoms and decorations were going to be essential if ‘Paul’ and ‘Pru’ were going to offer their criticisms. Mrs Rice and Mr Roberts stood in for ‘Sandy’ and ‘Noel’ and provided the children with great support and encouragement. Ideas for decorations were researched on the computers whilst proving and baking took place and then the icing was put on the cakes. The contestants sat nervously as Mr Miller, ‘Paul’, and Theresa, ‘Pru’, judged the fine creations. Photos were hidden beneath the cakes and three were selected after others had been discarded. In third place was Cristina, second was Nolly and in first place was Thomas. All celebrated by devouring a cake or two and sampling the wonderful treats. Thank you very much to Mrs Rice who came up with this great event which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

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