Autumn Concert

The audience and performers were jam-packed in the Britten Hall and everyone from Year 3 to Year 8 took part. The concert was themed on the 1970’s, and a large proportion of the pieces performed were from that decade, including many by ABBA. The concert started with splendid versions of Mamma Mia and Knowing Me, Knowing You from the orchestra. The Senior Strings performed the complicated arrangement of ‘Dancing Queen’ with great confidence, and the Chantelles gave us very polished versions of the more reflective ‘Our Last Summer’ and ‘I Have a Dream’. We also had some very groovy ‘Saturday Night Fever’ from the Wind Ensemble and 70s rock from the highly promising Junior Rock Band, making their performing debut after only three week’s rehearsal. The Drum Group made their 70’s contribution with some magnificent moustaches and a huge amount of fun, and the Year 3-4 choir gave us a charming version of the ‘Rainbow Connection’ from the Muppet Movie. Stringendo completed the 70’s line-up with their lovely performance of “If” by Bread.

Accompanying this trip through the 70’s was music from the 1570’s (thank you Brass Ensemble!), the 1950’s and 60’s, and more recent decades as well. All the groups performed with distinction. Our beginners’ groups showed great promise, starting to spread their ‘Wings’ (enough 70’s group references, thanks – Ed.); Mini Fiddles’ ‘Barrier Reef’ beautifully contrasted with a menacing ‘Shark Attack’. The boys’ choir’s energetic and enthusiastic singing of the sailing-themed ‘Sea Change’ continued a nautical thread; even more energetic was the Rock Band’s ‘Paint it Black’. The brass gave us a nice shot of ‘Tequila’ to go with their Renaissance courtly dances.

Rounding off the evening was one last ABBA track, ‘Thank You For the Music’, with solo contributions (and three-part harmony) from Evalina, Scarlett, Jemima and Nolly who had risen from her sick-bed to play her part in the concert.

Thanks to all the OBH children and their teachers for putting this excellent and hugely enjoyable evening together. Bravi tutti!

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