The Boarders’ Week…..

Whilst the boys and girls have been practising for the Autumn Concert and some have been completing revision, Barbara has been performing in the Drawing Room. Yes, the Year 8’s of course have been swinging and swaying, jiving and waltzing with great purpose in preparation for the Masquerade Ball next term. Great fun has been had twirling, spinning and placing the correct foot in the correct place. A first aid bag was brought down to the venue in preparation, however, the levels of coordination were boundless and rhythmical…. to a certain degree. It has been great to see them all support each other and help each other improve these skills and therefore the first dance at the end of next term will surely be a splendid sight as long as each couple can decide who is leading whom.

Toast – when people talk about Spero they always mention the toast!! Toast and honey, toast and marmite, toast and jam, hot buttered toast. The children rush up after their activities, have had their shower and it is not long before everyone is sitting around the table and the toaster begins to ping. The smell wafts down the stairs and suddenly everyone wants to come up and visit! The best part is just sitting around the table and gossiping about the day. Many an evening year 3,4 and 5 have put the world to rights over toast!

Open Boarding Weekend
The next In-Weekend (01-02 December) will be our Open Boarding Event and details of the weekend will be with you shortly. Plans are in place for “Claus’ Christmas Rock Around” where all pupils in Years 3 to 8 are invited to book in for the Saturday night and board as well. Places will be given out on a first come first served basis. Fancy dress will be important and prizes will be awarded. Various games will be played and the main event will be rocking so don’t miss out.

Dorm Decorations
In anticipation of the festive season ahead, boarders are welcome to bring in their Christmas decorations for the last two weeks of term for the dorm decorating competition and we would like to remind everybody that only battery powered lights can be used if boarders wish to bring them in and the results will be announced in the last week of term at FIRESIDE where the boys and girls will perform sketches and songs for all boarders and staff.

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