Keep Calm and Bluff & The Amazing Race

After some enjoyable House matches the boys and girls were ready for the weekend and an evening out at the casino. Well, really the casino came to town…. the Drawing Room….where croupiers dealt the cards, chips were frozen to the chosen numbers or suits, before the ball rotated madly about the wheel. A crescendo of anticipation was greeted with various exclamations as the sphere came to rest. Time after time the sphere stopped on the right numbers for the players as their luck was in. The dice were also rolled whilst the horses, Diamond Back, The Ace of Spades, Club Royal and the Queen of Hearts all hurtled down the race track with the crowd giving them a helping hand. Great fun was had before the children retired for the night.

Sunday breakfast in pyjamas was followed by a lovely church service at Hitcham where Thomas was congratulated on his reading by several members of the community. Some of the boys and girls had a go at ringing the bells before we all returned to school and relaxed before consuming a lovely roast lunch with all the trimmings and apple pie and custard for pudding. Emily, Charlie and Kimble provided the children with some wonderful games and activities in the afternoon where they relaxed, made a mess with edible treats and laughed at each other’s attempts to describe films without using the listed words. Relaxation time after supper and tuck in front of a film brought an end to the day and an early night was welcomed by all.

Thanks to all the children for their efforts and we look forward to welcoming more into the boarding house for the Open Boarding Weekend on Saturday 1 December. If your child would like to
join in the fun then please complete the form and return to Tracey.

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