November, 2018:

Le Château de la Baudonnière

During the first week of half term a group of 28 children from Years 7 and 8 met with four members of staff very early on the Wednesday morning to board a coach bound for France. On the programme for the week was an exciting mixture of activities, cultural excursions and gastronomic treats. Having arrived safely at the château we tucked into boeuf bourguignon and settled in for the evening.

The children enjoyed the challenges of a very wet and muddy assault course, with an obligatory hose down at the end. Aeroball, a mixture of trampolining and basketball proved very popular. French lessons were de rigeur as was the use of spoken French at all mealtimes. Our cultural visits were to Le Mont St. Michel, complete with a tour of the abbey, as well as some shopping time and to Bayeux to look at the famous tapestry. Fencing and bread making completed the daytime activities.

Evening entertainment was on offer each evening, with a quiz night, a treasure hunt and a talent show/disco. How we fitted in so much to such a short time is hard to comprehend. It was a full on few days, by the end of which all had had a great time, spoken lots of French, experienced the delights of escargots.

This week in boarding

The children were welcomed back to a spooky festival of fun and games on Wicked Wednesday when the dining room was haunted by Halloween Howlers. The children ate ghostly concoctions from the kitchen and it was unpleasant to find brains and teeth suspended in jelly for desert. They were then gathered up into various groups and knelt before the doughnuts, salivating at the prospect of devouring their edible treats. Yes, the doughnuts went flying and the spiders were sticking to every corner of Debbie’s web. Chocolate was eaten from fallen flour towers before the
mummies from each team were tailored in toilet rolls. Great fun was had by all and goodies were consumed with great glee.

In the Girls’ house this week a splendid pizza and film night was had by all who stayed and it was great to see all the girls settle themselves down with duvets and blankets before gorging on various treats in front of the film. The Year 6 Boys were treated to hot chocolate and cookies on Thursday evening and spent more time relaxing in the common room before bed time whilst playing games.