December, 2018:

Memory Specialist with an interest in Forensics

With this working title we could all have been forgiven if we thought this talk might be a little “dry”! Even Marianna herself admitted to being a little nervous about her subject matter to a young audience. But, my goodness, the senior boarders and staff were enraptured with what she had to say. Telling us how she had known since she was 7 years old that her natural inquisitive mind would lead her to wanting to help people,  understand how people think and their consequent actions. The children were fascinated to learn that once Marianna had qualified as a doctor, her original thoughts of pursuing a career in mental health became a reality. She found herself working with criminals who had severe mental health issues which she found to be incredibly rewarding but the claustrophobic working environment of the prison system persuaded her to look at other areas of mental health. She is now a memory specialist where she and her dedicated team of professionals see many patients with memory problems and the various forms of dementia.

Marianna was so impressed with the breadth of the many intelligent and thoughtful questions and was delighted to be talking to such a tremendously bright, dynamic and inquisitive group of children.