Bowling & Dunston Harriers Point to Point

Bury Bowl welcomed the boarders on Saturday night. It was not long before multi-coloured footwear was donned and big heavy circular objects were hurled at some oddly shaped objects at the
end of the wooden runway having bounced off several other surfaces before loitering, abandoned in the gutter. Yes, a whirlwind of sound and activity was greeted with howls of laughter and mimicked crying as the evening carried on. Challenges were set and on the whole were achieved. The competitive nature of the children drove them on and with plenty developing a certain amount of spin on their deliveries which hopefully will be developed when bowling the cricket ball in the summer. Googlies, flippers and the occasional orthodox spinner enabled strikes to happen and with the rewards of Mars bars, the intensity multiplied.

Sunday arose with bright skies and the offering of lovely cakes from the kitchens were taken to a baptism for the church service at Thorpe Morieux. It was lovely to be part of this occasion and a
big thank you to Ella and Thomas who read the psalms beautifully whilst Mr Roberts bashed out Happy Birthday on the organ along with some more traditional numbers (hymns). On our return, the minibus was packed up and off we went to Ampton for the Dunston Harriers’ Point to Point. Wonderful burgers and hotdogs were demolished for lunch and hot chocolate was consumed
with great delight in the blustery conditions. Some chose good horses and those lucky enough to win earned themselves Starbursts.

Returning to school and then time to relax before a lovely roast dinner and an evening film was a good way to end the weekend. Thank you to all the boarders and staff for a lovely weekend and we look forward to celebrating Burns Night and Chinese New Year next weekend.

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