‘Tapas & Spanish Charades’

Weekend fun with a decidedly Spanish flavour!

The boarders had a wonderful weekend with plenty of fun and of course the necessary downtime to recuperate before the beginning of the following week. On Saturday evening the children feasted on Tapas, enjoying the delights that Jane and Mike again had produced with such dedication. Great laughter was had around the table and it was great to see all taking part and helping out. The children then showed great spirits with Flamenco dancing in the Inner Hall. Mastering the steps, which were led by Lucia, Marta and Nico, was tricky at first. Then the arms and legs moved cohesively to perform a lovely routine. Spanish games were then played and all joined in before the finale. The children jumped into the whirlwind of ropes and out the other side in a grand parade of skipping accompanied by popular Spanish music.

On Sunday the children had a full English breakfast before travelling to Bury for a little shopping and lunch. On their return they relaxed for a while before playing games in the Britten Hall before supper. All the children were great company and we look forward to spending the next weekend Bouldering in Ipswich.

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