March 11th, 2019:

Game Night by Firelight & Bouldering

With preparations continuing for the Masquerade Ball, the children are signing up in their hundreds for the main social event of this term. If you have not replied so far then please fill out a form and either email it to Tracey Thornton or hand your replies into Reception as soon as possible.

Last weekend was very adventurous with the children performing merrily around the campfire in the outdoor classroom on Saturday evening. The warmth of the flames meant that we were able to stay out and listen to many tunes played by Harrison on his guitar whilst all of us sung along. On the odd occasion, even Mr Miller was seen trying to keep in time with the children whilst the expectant crowd laughed freely. Food was consumed alfresco style and then hot chocolate was enjoyed by all before bedtime.

Sunday woke with blustery winds and gloomy clouds although this was not going to stop the children from having a good day. PJ breakfasts and a trip to church was followed by an awesome  experience at AVID, a rock-climbing centre in Ipswich. The children were excited at the thought of being the next Alex Honnold and it was not long before they were scaling some dizzy heights, clambering to and fro from hand hold to foot hold effortlessly. The zoo-like creatures on display were leaping like monkeys and occasionally the thick mattresses assisted and broke their falls.

On our return, supper was awaiting and after such strenuous activity the children needed to fill their tummies before watching a film with some goodies. A lovely weekend was had by all and a chance to relax at various stages meant that all were ready for the following week.

Exams for Years 7 & 8, seeing World Book Day come alive and also the House General Knowledge Quiz, have been interrupted by birthday celebrations. On Thursday Sam enjoyed an 8th Birthday party with the mighty Year 3 boarders and friends, whilst Oliver and the Year 7 boys indulged in plenty of party food and then with great power sang a wonderful rendition of Happy Birthday to celebrate Oliver’s 12th Birthday. Congratulations to both the boys and we wish them many happy returns.

The Friends of OBH Quiz and Curry Night & Huddl

Thank you all for your support at the 5th Friends Quiz and Curry Night. The evening was a huge success and an amazing amount was raised, over £2500. The scores were close but the congratulations must go to the teachers who were the winners on the night! The money raised is enabling us to become members of Huddl.

Huddl, is a social enterprise business based in Suffolk. Huddl offers support for all parents and carers, giving them access to practical tools and inspirational events to help deal with their ever-changing role; creating a community of mutual support, compassion and learning. Every family has a unique journey and we all need a range of tools along the way. Huddl provides a platform with easy access and up-to-date professional advice so we can help our children and young people with the pressures of growing up by being more informed and confident ourselves. This is a partnership that we hope gives all OBH families real value, whether you attend events or read from the member resources and blog. In order to be sure we are hitting the right spot we will be asking you in a quick survey what topics you would like to learn about and what timings would work best. We hope to kick off the partnership officially next term but in the meantime keep an eye out for the survey and check out the Huddl website on