Our Mission


Our mission is to be recognised as one of the country’s leading boarding and day preparatory schools offering the broadest range of opportunity experienced within the context of a happy childhood.

We are committed to offering all of our pupils an excellent education inspiring them to achieve their best within a rich, happy, safe and fulfilling school experience, upon which will be built future success.


To achieve this the school will, with the help and support of parents:

  • Promote high standards of academic achievement and give support to pupils, appropriate to their abilities
  • Ensure a breadth of educational opportunity, maximised through the ethos of a boarding school, and thereby nurture enthusiasm and talent
  • Prepare children for the academic, social, creative and technological
    demands that will be required in their future
  • Promote British values of respect, tolerance and diversity, developing a sense of service to the community of the school and beyond
  • Foster healthy physical and emotional well-being


At Old Buckenham Hall

Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for their senior school and life beyond. At its core it intends to develop the skills they will need to be self-confident, and successful (according to their ability and talents), as well as inculcating social responsibility. We aspire to develop able young people who will want to make a positive contribution and improve the world they join as well as engage in learning throughout their lives.


To achieve this the school will offer:

  • A curriculum that promotes challenge, enjoyment, breadth and depth, relevance, coherence and choice in learning for all pupils.
  • A positive attitude by teachers towards promoting learning that engages, supports and monitors development so that what is offered to each child is appropriate to their individual needs and is flexible.
  • Identification of individual abilities, talents and interests developed through diversity and breadth of opportunity.
  • Support that recognises progress and rewards enterprise.
  • Engagement and promotion of skill and creativity across the curriculum.

To achieve these aims the school’s curriculum is structured to respond to and meet the needs of all pupils by:

  • Providing high-quality feedback to pupils that identifies next steps in learning
  • Encouraging pupils to express views and ask questions
  • Enabling children to have respect for themselves and to live and work cooperatively with others
  • Identifying, reviewing and evaluating pupils’ needs and progress in each year group and ensuring continuity between year groups
  • Using a range of approaches to engage pupils, especially through discussion and understanding
  • Setting consistently high expectations of pupils’ achievements and behavior
  • Using praise that is well judged and discriminating
  • Promoting success and avoiding negative judgments


To ensure progress the curriculum will be supported by:

  • Systematic assessment, both summative and formative, that measures and evaluates learning and so improves practice
  • Manageable arrangements of record keeping that track and report pupils’ progress
  • Effective reporting and transfer records between classes and teachers and informative reports for parents
  • Progress towards a meaningful transfer record to accompany transfer to a senior school


To support these aims the school adopts the values of the Independent Curriculum and will promote these in the delivery of all aspects of school life:

  • Curiosity
  • Independent Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Self-motivation
  • Self-respect
  • Confidence
  • Discernment
  • Resilience
  • Tolerance and empathy
  • Global awareness