Our Mission


At Old Buckenham Hall we have two key aims. Firstly, children should leave the school having developed intrinsically important and recognisable characteristics that will support them, and the communities in which they live, for the rest of their lives. Secondly, every child who attends the school will be stretched and challenged academically according to their ability, so that they have developed a love of learning and they are able to achieve first choice entry to a range of public schools.

To achieve these two aims, the School has a set of values called the OBH Way. These values underpin the behaviour of all members of the OBH community and all of our activities, whether academic, pastoral or co-curricular. The OBH Way defines the ethos and culture of the School.

Crucially, the OBH Way was created by every child at the school contributing what they judged to be important. These were then discussed by teachers, the Senior Management Team and Governors. Almost nothing was changed.


The OBH Way


perseverance, individuality, commitment


compassion, forgiveness, helpfulness


appearance, honesty, conduct


courtesy, politeness, awareness


organisation, initiative, leadership


inclusivity, diversity, loyalty