Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams Come True & Christmas Creations

Saturday, 2nd December & Sunday 3rd December

Race Night at Brettenham Park & Suffolk Ski Centre

18th & 19th November

Bonfire Night & Hitcham Hot Chocolate Hike

Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November

OSCAR Foundation Football Tour, Fancy Feet Fandango & Colosseum Romano diem

Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October

EatLive, Southwold ‘Sand Statues’

23rd and 24th September

Senior Boarding

The boarders have been busy in the evenings this week taking part in activities such as board games, dance, drama and DT Club in which the children are creating wooden pinballĀ machines with Mr Swiney. Escape and Evasion is now up and running as Mr Drake […]

Spero News

Finally the long awaited sofa arrived to complete the Common Room. The children happily ripped off the packaging and tried it out for comfort – although we do need to wait until Mr Mitchell and his team put on the legs!! This week Daisy the […]

Waterslide/Knockout Pool Party & BBQ, Tricky TrikeRunDive

9th and 10th September

The Junior Boarding House has now formally opened as SPERO.

Our new house has provided great excitement over the first couple of weeks

Boarding Next Term

Michaelmas Term 2017