The School Day

Every day can be a different experience at Old Buckenham Hall. To get a brief insight into a typical day at the school.

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Boarding Pupils

Very often the decision to board is one made by pupils and some may make the decision earlier than others. The Headmaster and staff are always available to aid in the decision making and to advise and support families in their choices. For those who choose to board we offer a range of activities and pursuits after school hours and weekends.

A dedicated team of pastoral staff ensure that each child is regarded as an individual. Within the safe and secure environment at OBH there is a feeling of being “home from home “ which is very definitely influenced by the strong family ethos at the heart of the school. OBH prides itself on its accessibility, and staff are always available to children and parents. A happy boarder is the result of a successful partnership between parents and school. For more information please contact our Head of Pastoral Care, Emma Easdale on 01449 740252.