The School Day

Every day can be a different experience at Old Buckenham Hall. To get a brief insight into a typical day at the school.

Pre-Prep pupils | Day Pupils | Boarding Pupils

A typical day:

08.20 I arrive at school and go to my classroom to meet my friends
08.30 My form teacher arrives and we have registration, then we go to assembly
08.55 My first lesson is Maths, we are drawing pie charts
09.30 I have double PE next – we have orienteering around the park
10.40 Time for break, I’m really hungry after all that running – a flapjack and squash
11.05 English now, we are finding out about constructing essays properly and are writing about “Flour Babies” which we have just finished reading
11.40 French – we are getting ready for our oral exams next week, so we are having conversations in French about holidays
12.15 Drama – we are producing TV adverts in small groups
12.50 Lunch time – I sit on a table with my form teacher and the others in my form. Beef stew and new potatoes today, followed by chocolate crunch
13.45 Registration
13.50 Double science, we are learning about electricity and static
– we make our hair go frizzy!
15.00 Games – this afternoon it is hockey
16.20 Time for sandwiches and juice or I can go home with my prep
16.40 Prep – French vocab and finishing my RS project
17.40 Time to go home!


Pupils in Years 3 – 5 who stay beyond 16.20 spend half an hour in their
classrooms doing prep before enjoying a variety of activities including uni-hoc,
tennis and choir until collection at 17.40.