Boarding Events & Activities Blog

‘Mud Packs & Pies’ & The South Suffolk Show

11th & 12th May

Masquerade Ball & Egg-Stravaganza

16th & 17th March

Game Night by Firelight & Bouldering

2nd & 3rd March

‘Tapas & Spanish Charades’

9th and 10th February

Burns Night & Chinese New Year

26th & 27th January

Bowling & Dunston Harriers Point to Point

12th & 13th January

Claus’ Christmas Rock Around & Christmas Splendour

1st & 2nd December

Keep Calm and Bluff & The Amazing Race

17th and 18th November

The Boarders’ Week…..

Autumn Concert, toast and dancing

Spero News

Dorm prizes and prefects