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Year 8 20 mile Training Walk

On Friday last week Year 8 set off for their first of three training sessions for the summer expedition. The aim was simply to cover the distance whilst practicing their basic camp craft and navigation skills. At 08.45 the group mounted the mini busses ready […]

Food Preparation

Question: How do you poach an egg on the camp fire? Answer: With a potato!   Some of our young an old OBE’s had their first chance to do some camp fire cooking , using a potato and  an egg. This makes the perfect poached […]

OBE’s – Special guest!

This week we had a very special guest in our outdoor classroom. The Headmaster came out to join us,  with the aim to make him a decent cup of coffee using all the skills the children had learned over the past few weeks. Despite the somewhat […]

OBE’s Module: Navigation and compass work

Over the last few weeks the Year 6, 7,and 8’s have been working towards their compass and navigation module. The aim is to plan, plot and pace out a route which the group can do during one of the PE lessons in the week. Using […]