Years 1 & 2

Key Stage One

The main aims in Years One and Two are to encourage children to become inspired to learn, in a creative atmosphere that supports and encourages individuals’ natural curiosity. Children’s personal, social and emotional development is at the forefront of everything that we do. We hope that all of our children consider themselves to be valued members of our community.

The children build upon the Literacy and Numeracy experiences of Reception and work in small groups to develop the skills they require to become confident readers, writers and mathematicians. There is a large emphasis on partner work and speaking and listening. This enables all children to participate in all activities and share their opinions in a supportive environment.

Through our themed afternoon activities the individual interests of the children are central to the curriculum we deliver. The children are encouraged to explore, investigate and discover to allow them to ask questions and then find answers for themselves. A variety of themes are experienced over the two years helping the children to develop a love of learning.

Each child, with support, is encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning, actions and organisation within a happy and secure environment.  Independent learning is encouraged alongside working together with others in a variety of settings. A cross curricular approach offers many opportunities for individuals to develop their creativity through craft, technology, practical and problem solving activities.

The children are taught by specialist subject teachers for P.E, Music, Drama, Art, French and Games. This fantastic opportunity enables the Pre Prep children to become familiar with the Prep School teachers from an early age, helping to build relationships ready for the transition in Year 3.